230Vac + DMX

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Cabling System240 VAC + DMX in 1 Cable
Connector type CAB-8A ( 8-pin WP connectors IP67 )
Max. Load240 VAC /10Amp
AC cable size3x 1.5mm 2 /16AWG
DMX cable size3x 0.22mm 2 / 24 AWG 120 Ohm
Total cable size
Model NumberDescription
CAB-8A-CF CAB-8A Female connector
CAB-8A-CM CAB-8A Male connector
CAB-8A-CA CAB-8A Female socket
CAB-8A-CB CAB-8A Male socket
CAB-8A-CT CAB-8A Male DMX Terminator
CAB-8A-CE CAB-8A End Cap
Model NumberDescription
CAB-8A-EC-00060CAB-8A Extension cable 2 ft / 0,6M
CAB-8A-EC-00100CAB-8A Extension cable 3.3 ft / 1M
CAB-8A-EC-00200CAB-8A Extension cable 6.6 ft / 2M
CAB-8A-EC-00500CAB-8A Extension cable 16.4 ft / 5M
CAB-8A-EC-00700CAB-8A Extension cable 22.9 ft / 7M
CAB-8A-EC-01000CAB-8A Extension cable 32.8 ft / 10M
CAB-8A-EC-02000CAB-8A Extension cable 65.6 ft / 20M
CAB-8A-EC-03000CAB-8A Extension cable 98.5 ft / 30M
CAB-8A-EC-05000CAB-8A Extension cable 164.5 ft / 50M
CAB-8A-SP-05000CAB-8A Cable Spool 164.5 ft / 50M

Product Description

Cab-8A is a IP67 hybride cable for AC powered fixtures with DMX to connect multiple fixtures in one chain for a quick and foolproof installation.
Maximum load per chain is 10A / 20 fixtures.

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